We are one of the leading app company in Hong Kong, specialized in iOS/Android, Website and System development with the aim to provide best quality and competitive cost of IT solutions that improves companies' business and brand reputation as well as supports their integration into the global marketplace and global community.

  • Integrated information portals
  • NFC interactive system
  • E-Catalogue
  • Devices connector
  • Automated queuing system
  • E-Coupon system
  • E-membership card app
  • Chatroom
  • Game


Hong Kong Government has allocated HKD500 million to launch the Technology Voucher Programme under the Innovation and Technology Fund and we are grateful to assist any enterprise to apply for the fund.

As we know IT technology is the key of today business world, we believe with this key on hand, our clients can raise their competitiveness with ease, manage various resources efficiently and further expand their local or overseas markets.

Websites, mobile apps or general IT systems can be a choice, but our clients can also integrate their businesses with VR, AR or facial recognition technology. Easy Market Limited provides one-stop consultation service to our clients. We not only propose the business solutions best suit our clients, but also help them to apply for the fund for better business development.