Delivers high performance virtual machine solution with full controllability in server configuration.

Our SSD Cloud Machine delivers high availability virtual server solution builds on Cloud Infrastructure, SSD Cloud Center. True hardware virtualization architecture provides an isolated virtual environment at operating system level for enhanced system stability and security.

  • Virtualized at operating system level with dedicated vCPU, RAM, Disk Storage and IP Address for enhanced system stability
  • SSD Disk provides faster data processing than conventional drives, delivers high I/O to optimize server performance
  • Available in CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian and Windows Operating System
  • HTTP Load Balancer, distributes traffic across virtual machines under the same network to optimize web server
  • Built-in Firewall, Reduce your time to setup firewall
  • Manage Server Configuration with Linux SSH Root Access and Windows Remote Desktop Access
  • Access virtual server via remote console located at service panel for troubleshooting when network is unavailable