Service included: License to publish selected office address, Mail handling and Transfer to the preset address once a month
Virtual Office Location
Tsuen Wan Unit A, 11/F, Wah Lik Industrial Centre $45/ Month
Kwai Fong Golden Dragon Industrial Centre $80/ Month
Kwai Chung BLK B, Marvel Industrial Building $55/ Month
Kwai Chung BLK A, Marvel Industrial Building $65/ Month
Fo Tan On Shing Industrial Building $70/ Month
Mong Kok Kwok Cheung Building $70/ Month
Central 156 Wellington street $110/ Month
Individual service
Value Added Services
WhatsApp Notification WhatsApp Notification $24
Daily Mail Alert Notify immediately $12
Takes Photo of Mail & Parcel Takes Photo of Mail & Parcel $22
Forward Mail & Parcel Forward mail to your designated address $32
Dedicated Phone Number Calls transfer to the designated number $90
Phone Secretary Answer calls with your preset greeting $100
MailBox 24 hours access $50
Directory Boards Display your company name $32
Company Website For more infomation $52
Company E-mail professional email address at your domain $32
Significant Controllers Register For more infomation $12
Company Secretary For more infomation 60
Corporate Bank Account Opening For more infomation $2500
E-Fax Number E-fax Receiving by Email $60
Advance Company Website For more infomation $100
Contract Period
3 Months
6 Months
12 Months + 1 Free Month
24 Months + 4 Free Months
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Average Monthly Fee($HK):

Payment Info

FPS Code:100504331

Bank Account: HSBC
Acc No: 521-092809-838
Acc Name: Easy Market Limited