Multiple Login Methods into Free-Wifi Service

Facebook、Instagram、Weibo、QQ、Phone Verification&Password Verification

Remove enquiries on Password Logins, Reduce customer loss.

Customers can press “Like” or “Follow”on your Social Platform page for free access to Wi-Fi Service

Enhance Customer Satisfaction, Enhance Sales Turnover

Business provides customers with Free Wi-Fi, ease of access and increase customer satisfaction and attracting customers to re-consume

Your customers promoting your business on Social Platforms

When users login with your Wi-Fi, Corporate branding is automatically displayed
Combined with Social Networking Platforms such as Facebooks’ forwarding comments, “Likes” and customer’s “Location Tags” would promote knowledge of your business

Wi-Fi bonding with Social Platforms for brand promotions

Viral Brand promotion, Promoting through social platforms to create broadcasts from users
Contains unique social platform sharing functions, attracting fans with 0 costs
Viral promoting is faster than traditional advertisements by 10 times, increasing fans and improving business awareness

Push Mobile advertisements, Decrease traditional marketing media

Businesses providing exclusive Wi-Fi logins displaying corporate image
After customers connecting to Wi-Fi, there would be pop up advertisements
After logging into Wi-Fi, it re-directs customers to your designated URL

Records daily traffic & provide accurate data to guide

Login online analysis platforms, real-time tracking customer’s activities and increases effectiveness for further project developments with marketing strategies

Records daily traffic, providing accurate data to guide shop operations

Customer’s contact information is the most important asset to each business
Through Wi-Fi connectivity and login, it can help you collect customer’s most accurate email and contact information

Reconnect with customers with promotions, attracting re-visits

Integrated with email for promotional and rewards offers, send further information on promotions, encouraging customers to re-consume at your business

Records customer visits, accumulate points, enjoy rewards

Records Customer’s Wi-Fi login times, exchange points, rewards and privileges

Customer enjoys rewards, exposure to more products and promotions

Business to set rewards and images to display the rewards, allowing customers to clearly understand your service or product

Increase re-visits, Increase customer loyalty

Automatically provide customers with personalised rewards and birthday surprises, enhancing re-consumption chances.

Leverage the power of network effects

Unrivalled consumer experience

Customers giving “Likes” through Social Platform

Allows business to directly promote to potential customers

Remarketing to Customers

Businesses can re-contact customers Display more promotional information Allows customers to re-consume

Points System

Business to set Offers System records customer points Exchange Offers and Increase re-consumption

Safe and Easy

Businesses only need internet Instant plug and play

Accurately records customer data

Records the Customer’s email, contact number, gender, age and online duration

System auto-updates

Supports Cloud for upgrading, allowing businesses to enjoy the latest features and stability

Remote control

Businesses need only access to internet, smartphone and can remotely control advertisements and set customer online duration


Accustomed to English, Traditional & Simplified Chinese, automatically detects the user’s settings to adapt Customers can also select and change the displayed language

Industry Application

OGWiFi is applicable anywhere with just internet