Online Shopping

At present, online shopping has become one of human nature's core habits, to open such an online market is your sole creation of your own personal online store.

Our online store system is directly installed on your specified storage area, one-time payment and the online shop name and rights belong entirely to you, and feel free to update the shop and freely switch to any hosting company.

Through our powerful online store that allows users to manage a professional design with high flexibility, feature-rich system online store. Online shop system uses the most advanced database and network technology which deals with the online shopping process, which supports SEO optimization and can be used on smart phones and tablet PCs. Users who like operating through Microsoft Word interfaces, even if it looks too advanced, you only need to press "Copy and Paste" to enter your data, regardless of your operating system. Just as long as you can an operating computer, you can view any orders and update your online shop with no problem at all.

Easy Marketing will help you create a world-class standardized online store, to enhance your company's brand. In terms of capabilities and strategies, we are able to meet your needs, and assist you in bringing a strong competitive base.

Online store services include:

  • Smart phone online store interface, compatible with popular operating systems such as iPhone and Android or any that you may state
  • Support for multi-language and currencies
  • Product reviews evaluation
  • Products shared to Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms
  • PayPal and credit card online store payment mechanism
  • Coupon System
  • SEO optimization settings function/li>
  • Invoices and reporting systems
  • Membership system
  • Full sales report