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Easy Marketing provides you with a full range of

Professional SEO search engine optimization, SEM Search Marketing, online shops, web design and online marketing strategy services.

 Our services

  • SEO
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  • SEM
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  • Online advertising
  • Web Design

Our Services

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Our SEO service is not just about rankings but traffic and conversions.As what we know to date, Easy Marketing is the only one SEO company that provides high quality and unlimited SEO keywords targeting with minimum guaranteed result in our SEO monthly maintenance service.


Facebook Promotion

In the present market, there is a vast demand for the services or products that you provide. We are a company that offers marketing strategy platforms that will help drive traffic to take knowledge of your company’s services and products through the most popular social websites such as Facebook, games and smartphone applications to attract your targeted customers.


SEM(Search Engine Marketing)

How to make the target customers easily find you?What is the secret to make your web page click-through rate rose? When a customer interested in your products or services, and search for relevant information on the Internet and Search Marketing can help you to instant promotional messages sent to them. In addition, we have landed the world's major search engines, including Yahoo, Google and Baidu, etc., to effectively target customers hundreds of millions of dollars to lead to your site.


Mobile advertising

We understand that smartphones are the tools for the edge of promotion in the current century, other than Short Message Service (SMS) we also offer the most popular messaging application WhatsApp for promotional messaging services. Using just simple text, photos and even a short-video to delivery and share information about your product anywhere, anytime maintaining contact with your customers without the installation of sophisticated programs. Such promotional methods are efficient and simplistic which reduces costs of marketing which brings cost-effective communication promotions.


E-mail marketing

A powerful email marketing system is found in the sales channels and customer Maintain a close relationship on a strong cost-effective tool. Therefore, understanding to the e-mail Marketing solutions is critical, we offer a range of services, from consulting To the database management. Our e-mail marketing services include e-mail Pieces to promote the design, BLAST, radio and a comprehensive track email campaigns.


Online advertising

We innovatively tailor-make the promotional strategies, originality to enhance your company’s sales and brand awareness through the most effective means of professional stylized online advertising media reaching your targeted customers. Each advertisement design is made according to your needs; this includes banners, pictures, text, videos and audio on your website.


Professional Web Design

Our designs are styled and written with the most cutting-edge programs and we provide professional web designs, web programming language, Content Management System (CMS), smartphone website designs, iPhone compatible animations, Flash animations and company logo designs.


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